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>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: and i'm jewel rule. toppling the news, a bank teller says three men broke into his home, scratched a bomb to him and forced him to rob the bank he worked at. now, the men are on the run with over $100,000. >> canadian authorities stopping a pakistan plane after an anonymous tip saying the guy was a threat. they have released the man and who they are accepting for now. >> this maneuver has been a sensation on the internet. two navy pilots behind the controls are grounded and under
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investigation. >> gregg: we begin with a word between democrats and republicans over the pledge to america, the plan calling for a freeze in government spending and tax cuts to boost the u.s. economy. president obama today in weekly address blasting that plan has a repeat of failed ideas. >> many with the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place, which isn't surprising since many of the leaders were among the architects. failed policy. it's grounded in the same warn out philosophy cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and cut rules for wall street and cut the middle-class loose to fend for itself. >> gregg: the republicans are striking back. molly henneberg is live in w more. what specifically does the president oppose in that plan. >> molly: for one thing it calls
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for the extension of the bush tax cuts for all americans. this is debate we've heard elsewhere. he says he agrees with extending most of the tax cuts but not for families who make over $250,000 because that would mean $700 billion would not come in as taxes which the president says the country can't afford. >> for all their talking about reining in spending and getting deficits under control they want to borrow another $700 billion and use to it give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. that is a tax cut of hundred thousand dollars per millionaire. instead of cutting taxes, tax breaks we can't afford, i have called tax cuts for middle-class families who saw their income shrink by 35% in the last decade. >> reporter: he called it a disastrous decade that the u.s. can't afford to relive.
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>> gregg: republicans are countering that the president's economic plans have been disastrous, right? >> yes. they say they are not listening and running up the country's debt. they say the basic tenets of the gop's pledge to america is to create jobs and economic uncertainty and make america more competitive, cut waste and reduce the size of government and restore congress and restore trust in the government. >> the new agenda embodies rejection of the notion we can simply tax, borrow and spend our way to prosperity. it offers a new way forward. it hasn't been tried in washington. an approach focused on cutting spending, which is sadly a new idea for congress, accustomed to always spending. >> mccarthy says the economic situation has gotten so bad, one in six rely on the government for some kind of financial
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support. >> gregg: molly henneberg live in washington. >> julie: ben bernanke expressing dissatisfaction with the economy. policy efforts haven't helped much on the job front. he defend had economists who failed to anticipate the financial crisis, saying economic models couldn't account for are the amount of panic that set in. >> many things by investors and consumers threw up their hands and admitted given the extreme and unprecedented nature of the crisis, they did not know what they did not know. or as donald rumsfeld there were too many unknowns known unknowns. >> economists must do a better job in how they behave during uncertain times. >> gregg: mitt romney delivering
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a keynote address to new hampshire convention. potential presidential candidate saying president obama and congressional democrats failed to understand american values. romney predicting the nation's unhappiness will translate into big republican gains come november. >> julie: both parties are going all out in the midterm elections but they say the congressional races are just the beginning. fight for the white house in 2012 and even if the gop does well in november, the results may boom rang actually helping president obama two years later. joining me now is jackie kusinich. do you think a republican win in midterm elections will help president obama in two years? >> it absolutely could. if the republicans take over congress it would take pressure off the white house quite frankly. you have a lot of attention
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focused on democratic infight can, problems with the democratic party, problems with getting their agenda through. if the gop had a little bit of power they are going to take some of the scrutiny as well. >> julie: and it worked in 1946 and in 1994, party holding the white house suffered big losses in congress then two years later the incumbent won re-election quite handily in president reagan and president clinton dozen years later. is it not a predictor of 2012 outcome? >> if you think about these mid terms, these are unlike anything we've seen. it's hard to make that kind of prediction. that said, the partisan environment and we're talking about spending, there are a lot of parallels. this could be a predictor but again in is a lot of things in this particular cycle that have been so unpredictable, the
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crystal ball is murkier. >> julie: what will the republican field look like in 2012 and will the tea party still exist and in what form? will it's part of gop or run as an independent movement? a lot of questions. >> you are absolutely right. that could play in obama's favor. the divide within the republican party is going to be highlighted especially if they get more power. john boehner, he is going to have a conference that very different than some of his predecessors have dealt with. there are people that may not want to listen to him and may not work as well as other people. >> julie: and president obama assuming he runs again, he may be facing a primary again, will it help him or hurt him? >> that is hard to say. i haven't heard anything about
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him facing a democratic primary, but with the money that will go in behind him, it's hard to think that anybody will be a serious challenge. >> julie: i want to talk about california. gop has not won or seriously competed on the presidential level in more than 20 years. how could a victory by let's say hopeful meg whitman or candidate carly fiorina play a role in two years? >> in california, the electoral votes, in california's economy has been struggling and enough people is unhappy with the white house has done, you are absolutely going to see it will play a huge role in this election. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: investigators are now looking to see if a bomb threat that forced a plane to make an emergency flanked sweden was, indeed, a terrorist hoax.
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this is the plane. you can see the 273 passengers and crew filing off the plane, buses waiting nearby. they received two phoned in tips that a passenger was carrying explosives. investigators questioned that man, but they have released him. the plane was bound from canada to pakistan. an american astronaut and two cosmonauts safely back on earth after a six-month mission in space. she and her two colleagues touching down after day long technical glitches. three crew members returning to earth after 176 days in space. new expedition crew heads to the space station october 7th. >> julie: how lawmakers preparing to vote on an issue that sparked a full shouting match the last time around. it's a bill that would provide health care aid sickened by
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toxic debris after the 9/11 attacks. caroline has more. >> reporter: first time around it caused more screaming on the floor of the house we've seen in years. it's coming again next week. it would allot $7.5 billion to compensate for residents and first responders from fumes around the world trade center. thousands of police officers and construction workers have sued over the exposure and related health problems. democratic leaders brought it to the house floor under a procedure requiring a super majority meaning republicans could add amendments and the bill died. >> you could pass this -- you are in control, you have the power and you have responsibility. >> it's republicans wrapping their arms around republicans not doing the right thing. it is a shame.
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>> the democratic leadership believes released this statement, we would like the recognize work in guiding this bill through the legislative process to benefit those who rose to the occasion on 9/11. there is still controversy. some critics called a new entitlement program to increase taxes on businesses. >> gregg: cash sfrapd states are now exploring new ways to improve their bottom line, with some turning to corporate sponsors to help cover costs of maintaining state parks. peter is live in new york with more. >> reporter: horizon and subaru is not names you would seash yate with nature but those companies are bailing out the cash strapped state parks. nestle has spent $350,000 on sen playgrounds at state parks. in california, coke and another
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company have come up with a million. verizon sponsored a project. >> it's very important to help the youth because the youth is going to inspire the next generation to be outdoors and be the next explorers. we feel like right now, if we don't get them while they are young it's going to be harder to get them outside as they go in front of a computer 40 hours in front of a screen. >> reporter: they hope to inspire the youth, but they will be getting prime advertising. the people on the trails others want in their stores. there are a lot of people in america's state parks. 40% of people in the u.s. visited a state park and that adds up to 727 million viasts year. so corporate logos in parks will be seen by many who are enjoying
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the facilities. >> parks are fighting to keep open, to keep staffed, the be kept clean. these corporations can help to put icing on top of that. they will help to keep visitor services going and improve programs that really affect people who show up and see the parks. >> reporter: there are no plans to rename the parks after their corporate sponsors, just the stuff inside the parks. >> gregg: peter, thanks. >> julie: three robbers abduct a bank tell ear and helped use him to rob a bank. >> gregg: and some of nation's finest equipment on display. it's fleet week in san diego. casey stegall has more on that. >> reporter: good to see you. this is all about honoring the men and women serving in our
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>> gregg: checking the top stories, mahmoud ahmadinejad now
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back home after a controversial address to the united nations general assembly in new york where he said the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the u.s. in northern india, troops working frantically from remote villages, raging waters killing 17 people and forcing millions from their homes. a flight 500 years in the making, a canadian engineering student bringing to life the human powered flying machine. flying nearly 20 seconds without a motor or propellers. >> julie: f.b.i. conducting a manhunt for bank robbers that pulled off a heist in south florida getting away with undetermined amount of cash. they first kidnapped a bank employee, strapping what appeared to be a bomb to his chest and using him to steal money from the bank where he
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worked. now the latest. >> reporter: after hours of questioning. he leaves the f.b.i. building in north miami-dade a free man. wearing jeans and t-shirt he gets into an agent's car. early friday in coral gables. police rushed to the scene. >> you can see a gridlock. >> commuters can't get anyway. >> i've been taking the backgrounds. >> officers grabbed their guns and bomb squad is called in. >> it all happened friday at coral gables bank of america at 1500 block of the street. you see him with no shirt in the picture tells police he was strapped with explosives around forced to hand over cash to robbers. >> this is serious stuff. >> local and state police say he kliarms it all started when he was kidnapped from his apartment.
4:20 pm
he was forced to put on some sort of explosive device and was driven by the suspect to the bank. >> the twice was placed on his body and he was transported to the bank. >> it is unusual event. >> he told police next he was forced to get an undisclosed amount of cash from the bank and had to hand it over to the robbers. the branch manager was inside the bank called 911. police had their weapons ready. >> we were able to secure the safety of the individual. >> authorities are still searching for the teller's 1998 red mustang, florida license tag r 958dy folks in beautiful san diego
4:21 pm
paying tribute to our brave men and women part of fleet week. it's an action packed celebration featuring ship tours and live music and a whole lot more. casey stegall is live in san diego with that story. hi, casey. >> reporter: good to see you. this not only to honor the men and wait a minute that are serving but folks from the general public a chance to get up close and personal with some of the equipment. we're in the back of a seahawk helicopter, a u.s. navy helicopter. this pilot is joining us live. this is cool. people from the general public don't get a chance to see what the insides of these things look like? >> that's right. the seahawk is a very versatile helicopter. the interior can be reconfigured to perform a variety of different missions. >> reporter: we were saying if you do a medical mission or this can be reconfigured for cots and
4:22 pm
medical supplies based on what it is that you need to do? >> to perform missions like katrina relief or missions like in haiti, the cabin can be removed to make room for people and equipment. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to be able to speak to civilians and give you a pat on back and job well done, thank you for the service you are giving to our country? >> it's very gratifying. many of them express their gratefulness for what we do, not just for us but you for our families. for me personally, it's a lot of fun to have the kids in here. they are all very enthusiastic and they have a lot of questions. it's a lot of fun for me. >> reporter: lieutenant, thank you very much for talking to us. the neat thing about this, as we were talking and doing the interview you got to see the inside of the cockpit. these are real helicopters that have been flown on real missions and they are still flying.
4:23 pm
very cool for folks to come up here and climb into the cockpit and see what it's all about. a lot of things to see here. this is the largest fleet week in the country. san diego has the largest military population in all of america, some 330,000 uniformed men and women are in this region with camp pendleton, fleet week is all about the marines and navy and coastguard, hats off to them and very cool to interact with them out on this action packed weekend in beautiful sunny coronado. >> gregg: say hello to the jarret family out there. >> julie: trying to save the middle east peace talks, hillary clinton meeting with mahmoud abbas for second day as the palestinians threaten to walk. details on the deadline that could shatter hopes for peace.
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>> julie: it's bottom of the hour, time for top of theness, swedish police releasing a man after a tip off that he was carrying explosives on a pakistan international airlines jet. no explosives were found on the plane or on the man and police are investigating if the tip was a terrorism hoax. >> gregg: residents battling major flooding. in minnesota, the national guard were called in to help out. >> julie: in los angeles, eight people shot, one of them fatally and three others stabbed after a fight broke out at a house party. police are searching for at least one suspect at this hour.
4:29 pm
the fight broke out in the neighborhood of east los angeles. >> gregg: it is crunch time for the mideast peace talks, hillary clinton meeting with mahmoud abbas launching a last minute bid to save the talks from collapsing before a deadline expires tomorrow. reena ninan has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been meeting with palestinian officials to try and work out some sort of compromise over the settlement freeze, but nothing has been agreed to so far. clinton met with israel defense minister and they said they could not extend the freeze. u.s. officials have been urging israel to ex end it. palestinians say they will drop out of talks that begin this month if construction continues. today in the west bank, clashes took place been anti-settlement
4:30 pm
protestors and the israeli military. protestors are calling on a complete boycott of the situation. journalist says he was asked to step back and never given the chance to do that before being beaten by israeli soldiers. clinton is expected to meet with the foreign minister to discuss restarting peace talks between israel and syria. >> gregg: reena ninan in jerusalem, thanks. >> julie: also in the middle east, a super weapon unleashed on iran. that is what security experts are calling it. they say the computer worm sabotages factories. experts say it is most likely aimed at two iranian nuclear facilities, one is a nuclear power plant and the other makes centrifuges to enrich uranium. no word on who is behind the computer worm but speculation is focused on israel. >> gregg: a colorado man turning
4:31 pm
himself into authorities after prosecutors filed charges in the massive loveland wildfire. joe letterman facing one count of fourth degree ars open. they say he set up the massive wildfire that charred 750 acres. if convicted he faces up to six years behind bars. >> julie: a california man says he paid money out for a jumbo emerald. a trial is under way who really owns it. the bahia emerald was dug up in brazil. it weighs 840 pounds and is worth $372 million. wow! at least six other men claim they own the big rock. anthony thomas says he never physically received the emerald, only paperwork proving his ownership which was burned in the fire.
4:32 pm
>> gregg: this week, gop leaders laid out their plan to pledge to america for getting our nation back on track in their view. republican congressman has laid out more specific ideas. in had new book, restoring the public, joins us live from washington with more. congressman, thanks for being with us. congressman nunes, let me begin with something you wrote about, your district where your family lives, san joaquin valley, it offers a glimpse of america's grim future. there the radical left and big government combine to take a real life garden of eden with some of the most fertile land in the world and reduce to it blighted drought stricken calamity. what happened there? >> i talk about how the crazy
4:33 pm
policies have been exported to washington, d.c. what happened is that the government decided to protect a three inch fish called the delta smelt and cut off water. so really when you look at what has happened in california, i am concerned that those politicians and those politics have been exported to washington, d.c. and my book is a reminder of that. >> gregg: we're looking at pictures of the san joaquin valley. you call congressmen the environmental lobby, one of the greatest threats to our nation because in part, either fabricated or exaggerated some of the potential harm which you and your book de bunk. you advocate the following solutions. we'll put up on the screen. drilling in anwr. expansion of nuclear power. clean use of oil and shale production.
4:34 pm
look, congressman, how are you going to get around the environmentalists? >> what i talk about in my book we're going to have to. china today is now using and producing more energy than we do here in the united states. all this talk about coal. we're falling behind coal technology and clean coal technology, china is birng three times the amount of coal than we do. they are bringing on new coal plants nearly every week. pretty soon they will double their nuclear power capacity. what we doing in this country? we're doing nothing. that is not going to work. if we wanted to remain the world's superpower we are going to have get back to producing energy. i believe that ultimately to get us out of this rut and to start producing jobs again in this country, we are going to have to tackle these tough energy issues that we haven't tackled for really three decades. >> gregg: i found it interesting
4:35 pm
that the carribou and polar bear they have flourished in areas of human activity. chapter four, social security, medicare and medicaid, the big three, racking up roughly 67 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. you would adopt your colleague paul ryan's road map where a portion of somebody's social security taxes would be put in personalized investment accounts for those under the age of 55. isn't that similar to the privatization plan that really didn't gain much traction when president bush proposed it? >> i get a kick out of folks that attack my friend paul ryan and me and others that support our plans to save social security and save our nation's health care system. we're the only ones a plan that save it. if we keep going on the path, no one is going to have social security. what we do is put a plan out
4:36 pm
there in writing, if you don't like it, then we can fix it, but if you listen to all the other politicians out there that demagogue paul ryan and myself, they don't even have a plan. they are going to destroy social security and we're trying to save it. >> gregg: let me talk specifically about your health care plan because you would repeal the new law just passed and offer the following based on paul ryan's road map. i'll quote. universal coverage would be achieved largely through one simple measure, depending on your income level, a family of four will receive anywhere in $5,700 to $10,000 to purchase their own health insurance in any state. where does that money come from? does that do anything toward reducing the escalating cost of health care? >> the plan, if you look at the road map plan that paul has put out, it balances the budget long
4:37 pm
term and pays down our debt so it saves the program. let me give you a great example. this is the favorite about medicaid. if you are a single mother with three children today, federal government is spechkd $11,000 on you today. right now in most communities in this country, there is very few doctors who will see medicaid patients. for example, in my district only 20% of the doctors will actually see a medicaid patient. we're spending $11,000 on this family. you can get a good plan in my district for $8,000. this stuff isn't rocket science we have to get past the politics and get on to real solutions for this country. if we don't do it i think we're going to pay a painful price. >> gregg: let me talk about taxes, citing the laffer curve, i think we can put that up. if taxes get high enough it
4:38 pm
generates less revenue whereas lower tax rates produce higher revenue. you would replace the personal income tax with a flat tax -- at what rates? >> at 10 and 25%. you do your income tax on one page at 10-25% rate and then for businesses we get rid of all the taxes and replace it something similar to the fair tax. laffer curve is playing out in california. they continue to raise taxes, my home state. what is happening that tax revenue to the government is decreasing and now we're facing a $20 billion budget deficit out of roughly $100 billion budget. >> gregg: you would replace the corporate tax with a business consumption tax and abole wouldish taxes on capital gains, lots in the book including immigration and a whole lot of other things. name of the book "restoring the
4:39 pm
republic." thanks a lot for sharing with us. >> thanks for reading it. >> julie: the obama administration's mortgage relief program that was supposed to help hundreds of thousands of homeowners. many people that own a home and value of their home is less than the value of the mortgage. more than half of them have fallen out of program. what happened and what now? a live interview plus, striking video coming from the web. two navy pilots in 33 million choppers pulling a stunt. find out about the video and what is going to happen to the pilots. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers.
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>> gregg: -- oh, my gosh. these two pilots are in a load of hot water after the cell phone video emerged showing one of $33 million taxpayer funded aircraft dropping into lake tahoe. apparently this was not a training exercise. officials telling nbc news the helicopter crews were trying to take photos of each other's choppers hovering above the lake. they hit the water and managed to regain altitude but the aircraft suffering $50,000 in damage. i guess you and i and everybody are going to have pay for that one. good news for the obama administration mortgage relief program. as of august, 680,000 homeowners
4:45 pm
have applied to get their mortgage payments lowered, but around half of those applicants have been disqualified and another 3.3 million homes could be lost to foreclosure or distressed sales over the next four years. what can be done to slow the tide of foreclosures. joining me is don humphrey. this is so disturbing because this was a plan by the obama administration that gave hope to so many homeowners out there, the value of their homes has decreased so much so the mortgage payments are actually worth less than the value of their home, therefore, this was supposed to bail the homeowners out so necessity didn't have to foreclosure. why is more than half the homeowners in this initiative have fallen out of the program? >> thanks for having me. i think there were a number of issues with the plan overall.
4:46 pm
the reason why they fell out, like i said, some of the issues with regards to documentation on income, when they first started the program. there was no requirement for income documentation and that really slowed down the process. there are acknowledge himself from some of the people that ran the program, like allison who was in charge of tarp that it was rushed out quicker than it should have been. >> julie: obama administration took a lot of credit of trying to help the homeowners and now 3.3 million homeowners may be losing their homes. its slap in the face of americans who are trying to get back on their feet in this recession, could potentially be a double dip recession. i understand regardless of the salary cap, the other day i received several e-mails from this topic from viewers who said they applied and they were
4:47 pm
disqualified and salary had nothing to do with it. what was the salary spechgss? >> i don't know the specific requirements about it but we talk more broadly about the mortgage program, there is so much a government program can do. >> julie: why launch these programs and put false hope in so many homeowners' minds. i don't get it? >> that is very fair question. at the end of the day, until we get the overall economy growing. government program is not going to have that much impact on the bottom line. until the overall economy starts to grow you won't see a change. >> julie: the other thing that made me wonder about this, i was shaking my head because the banks had to volunteer to take a loss. first of all the banks were bailed out by our tax dollars. why in the world would any bank want to take a loss in order to do us a favor? >> another very good question. there weren't too many that
4:48 pm
wanted to do it. you know, they took their time and that was another one of the problems with the plan that the banks moved very slowly in the redocumentation process. >> julie: is it better to let them lose their homes, is that the alternative here? >> at the end of the day, there won't be a big change until the overall economy grows. you will to let the market take care of itself. programs like this can stem the tide for a short period of time that can have some impact on confidence, like consumer confidence but in the longs run you need growth in the overall economy others otherwise it's not going to work. >> gregg: david beckham playing for keeps, filing a lawsuit, a big one after big time entertainment magazine prints a story he didn't like. the charges and all the legal fallout coming up next. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast.
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>> gregg: lots of news at the intersection of celebrity and legal woes this week. isn't it always like that? first up david beckham filing a lawsuit against big entertainment magazine saying they knowingly published false claims that he had sex with
4:53 pm
prostitutes. and lindsay lohan, behind bars after failing a drug test only to be set free. joining me to talk about, joey jackson and vicky ziegler. every time i see a public figure defamation lawsuit, i say good luck. you are a public figure and there is a higher burden of proof. you have to prove actual malice. >> they were going intended to harm this person's reputation. >> gregg: how do you prove that? >> almost impossible to do, especially when you are a public figure a celebrity. >> gregg, if it works. >> how many cases have actually been proven and how many can prove damages? very difficult. >> gregg: like the only one i remember. >> here is the point. u.s. times versus sullivan, what the standard, nothing of false
4:54 pm
it or reckless disregard of the truth. we have a ma dam who is convicted felon who happens to be running governor who says nonsense she had something with people employed. we have to make it suspect. we have to hold the media to some standard. >> gregg: second have all, you have to prove that the good name has been damaged. arguably, i can hear a defense attorney saying, hey, this elevated the defense. >> people are looking at the story and looking at the pictures. that is one part of the case you talked about. the other one allegation of prostitution in 2007. are you going to tell me in touch magazine is going to say they didn't corroborate facts. he's not going to win.
4:55 pm
>> three small children and a wife, he doesn't deserve that. they should check the facts. >> or get divorced. >> gregg: i want to switch to lindsay lohan. elvin fox says you violated your probation and tested positive for drugs and alcohol you are going behind bars for the next hearing. guess what, joey, she is out within 12 hours. >> she should be. i understand that the judge was riled up, he was upset. why? because he took a chance, i'm going let you out. you abide by the conditions and fine. there is a little thing called the constitutional, remember that? cruel and unusual punishment. >> gregg: give me a break. >> you pull that out of your -- >> on a misdemeanor case? she deserves bail. >> gregg: i'm amazed a
4:56 pm
supervising judge overruled it within hours. >> it's very uncommon for this to happen. judge fox is trying to send a message, you're going to spend the days in jail until we have violation of probation hearing you are going to stay in jail. what happened? it was owe turned. >> a supervise says she needs bail. $300,000 she is back on the streets. >> gregg: eighth amendment? >> okay, you win. >> it's a pleasure. >> a dramatic scene at an italian airport. what forced an airplane off the runway and update on the passengers coming up next. ♪ [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success.
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[ male announcer ] in these changing times, the name on your medicare health plan may be more important than ever. choose a company you can depend on. [ woman ] life's too short to worry about health care. i hate to worry. i like things i can depend on. [ male announcer ] don't spend life wondering about your medicare coverage. talk to securehorizons today to get the answers you need. call now. >> gregg: hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. president obama slamming the gop's new economic plan called pledge to america. why he says it is doomed to fail. >> gregg: and a plane crashes and bursts into flames during an air show. we've got the footage. plus this. >> you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really good education right now. >> you think kids are getting a good education. >> i know they are. >> julie: a new documentary
5:01 pm
shedding light on the nation's public school system now on america's news headquarters. president obama taking shots at the gop's pledge to america. the republicans firing back, saying america's future hangs in the balance, all part of dueling weekly addresses with the midterm less than 40 days away. and early voting already getting underway in a hand full of states. molly henneberg is live in washington. hi, molly. >> as you were saying, it's the bat of the radio addresses today. a couple of days after house republicans unveiled their new economic plan. president obama is not a fan of the gop's pledge to america that in part calls for congress to extend the bush tax cuts for all americans, not spend any more stimulus money and cut spending elsewhere, and repeal president obama's health care law. the president, who supports extending the bush tax cuts for families making less than $250,000, says these are some of the same republican policies, quote, that led to the economic crisis in the first place.
5:02 pm
>> it's grounded in the same worn out philosophy, cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, cut the rules for wall street and the special interests, and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. that's not a prescription for a better future. it's an echo of a disasterous decade we can't afford to relive. >> house republicans who unveiled their plan on thursday say the president's economic strategy has been so, quote, disasterous, that now one in six americans have to rely on some type of government financial assistance. the gop said americans are, quote, outraged about the economic situation in the country. >> from the billion dollars bailout to the stimulus package that failed to stimulate, to the government takeover of health care, you cried stop. but the democratic majority in washington has refused to listen. i am speaking to you on behalf of republicans to tell you that we've been listening. we've heard you.
5:03 pm
>> some tea party supporters have said that this plan doesn't go far enough in cutting significant spending and really shrinking the federal government. >> julie: molly henneberg, thank you very much. and with the pledge the gop is taki a page out of the 1994 script, that's the year they retook congress after being out of power for four decades. the 1994 contract with america, it's called, listed ten specific bills republicans promised to pass in the first 100 days if they want control of the house. the house eventually ok'd all contract with america items, but most of the ten died in the senate. perhaps that's why this year's version is a pledge not a binding contract. >> gregg: in the critical weeks before the mid terms, president obama's approval rating hitting an all time low. only 42% of americans approve the job president obama is doing. 54% disapprove of his
5:04 pm
performance. fox news opinion dynamics poll released found president obama's approval rating at 42%. >> julie: speaking on the mid terms, democrats putting the best face on, an avalanche of polls showing republicans will have the upper hand november 2. even in a poll whereby a nine point margin believed the republicans will take over the house and senate. democrats saying they're tied, 43% apiece. will it be enough to keep up morale and get democratic voters to show up at the polls? now deputy policy director for the think tank and advocacy center and david. thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. >> julie: david, i want to start with you, you say democratic pollsters may be able to show democratic candidates are still
5:05 pm
in the game. what democratic pollsters don't want to tell candidates and their clients is that they may not have hit bottom yet either and you say there is a reason for that. what are they? >> two reasons. one, what democrats have to campaign on, which is what americans don't want. they don't want higher tax, they don't want more government spending and the government takeover of the health care system. it presents a message problem for democrats. also if you look at survey after survey, voter intensity is with republicans. republican voters are far more motivated than democrat voters to go vote. and survey after survey shows independent voters are voting republican. certainly we're not going to win all the races out there, but we're going to make major gains this fall if they stay as they are. >> julie: house democrats release ago flood of internal polling data trying to keep morale high by informing candidates they have a good
5:06 pm
chance of keeping their seats. but a lot can happen in five weeks, but will that be enough? >> you know, i think you've seen a lot happen in the past couple weeks. a few weeks ago, democrats were really feeling bad and i think democrats actually already hit bottom a couple weeks ago. you've seen now numbers start to change where on the national level democrats are starting to trend up in the generic congressional polling. with five weeks to go, that's where you want to be if you're a democrat. you want your numbers to be getting better, which is really what you've seen. >> julie: david, the full effect of a wave of election aren't felt until election day. you look at 1980, 2004 and 2006. any prediction on how many democrats will be defeated this time? >> i think the low end, most analysts say were somewhere in the high 30s and high end, we could be anywhere in the low 50s these wave elections as you pointed out, the wave hits late
5:07 pm
and the numbers that have to concern democrats, one voter intensity which we talked about. and two, reelect numbers. the democrat after democrat incumbent who has a number around 50 has a real problem because incumbents always poll high in the 40 days out. and challengers pick up their votes, the closer we get to elections. so those democrats teetering on 50%, those are the ones that get lost in the wave as we saw in '80, in 94 and even in 2006. >> julie: and david, you also say democratic pollsters may be able to show the democratic candidates are still in the game. what democratic pollsters -- what should their message be? what do they need to do between now in november, like we say, five weeks, it's a lot of time, there could be a lot of turn around and the polls reflect that every single week. so what do democrats need to do, or could it be the opposite, do they want to go ahead and give the house and senate to the
5:08 pm
republicans because it will actually strengthen president obama's reelection potentially in 2012, as some argue? >> i don't think any party wants to give up the ability to pass legislation. i would surmise democrats want to keep control of the house and senate. as far as what their message has to be, unfortunately, it's not a message they're going to convey, it's a message of what the american people want. they want taxes lowered, they want spending to stop, they want this government health care program to be reformed and replaced. but democrats aren't going to campaign on that. in fact, they're campaigning just the opposite. >> julie: okay. jake, i want to give you the final word. how should they be campaigning? >> they have to present a plan, both democrats and republicans do. you've seen democrats out there talking about their plan, both what they've done for the country and what they intend to do. over the last few weeks, you've seen the republicans talk about their plan most recently with their pledge to america. as republicans get out there and talk more about this pledge,
5:09 pm
what their base voters and independents are going to see is that the promises the republicans make about reducing deficits just aren't true. the pledge to america explodes the deficit by over $4 trillion over the next ten years, and so you're really going to see both moderate and republicans being very unhappy with the republican party that can't keep its most basic promise of reducing the deficit. so i think the next five weeks are going to favor democrats pretty strongly. >> julie: we'll have to wait and see. i got to wrap this up. thank you very much, gentlemen. >> thanks. >> gregg: fox news alert, police in south florida say they have found the red mustang. there it is next to the tow truck. these are live pictures. it belonged to the bank teller, kidnapped in the crazy police stand-off. it is not far from the bank of america branch robbed near miami. the f.b.i. saying the robbers began their caper by first
5:10 pm
kidnapping the bank employee, strapping what looked to be a bomb to his chest and then forcing him into that car being towed away right now. again, live pictures, before using him to steal money from the bank. the teller brought out of the bank unharmed in the end. no other employees or customers held hostage. tests are pending to determine if that was really a bomb that was strapped to him. the three suspects, they are still at large. the white house is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit involving the radical cleric anwar al-awlaki. he has been suspected of having direct links to al-qaeda. he's believed to be hiding out in yemen. the lawsuit filed on behalf of his father, al-awlaki is said to be targeted for death, and now the justice department saying the case against the u.s. born cleric is for the executive branch to decide and not for the judicial branch. the obama administration says the case contains classified
5:11 pm
information that is protected by the military and state secrets privilege. >> julie: controversial piece of legislation is making its way back to the house floor. the bill would provide health care for workers at ground zero. new york congressman democrat anthony wiener letting loose when the bill came up the first time back in july. take a listen. >> if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care, then vote no! but don't give me the cowardly view that oh, if it was a different procedure, the gentleman will observe regular order and sit down! >> julie: now house leaders saying they will bring the issue back next week for a second vote. looking for bipartisan for. now more. >> the first time around this caused more controversy on the floor of the house than we've seen in years. and it's coming up again next week. the bill would allot 7 1/2 billion dollars to compensate
5:12 pm
residents and first responders with health problems allegedly stemming from breathe not guilty fumes around ground zero. police and construction workers have sued over the exposure and later health problems. democratic leaders brought it to the house floor in late july under a procedure requiring a super majority, meaning republicans couldn't add amendments and the bill died. that brought on the finger pointing and this. >> you couldn't pass this bill if you wanted to. you are in control, you have the power. you have the responsibility. >> if republicans wrapping around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heros, it is a shame! a shame! >> trying to smooth next week's vote for both sides, this statement was released. >> we would like to recognize the work of those. this time the bill would need a simple majority vote. there is controversy.
5:13 pm
some critics call it a new entitlement program that would increase taxes on businesses. >> julie: thank you. >> gregg: police say a frightening scene in sweden may actually be all a hoax. a pakinstani airlines jet liner enroute from toronto was forced to make an emergency landing in stockholm. a woman phoned in a tip that a passenger had explosives. swedish police deplaned all 273 people on board, forcing them to walk across the runway. police now releasing a 25-year-old canadian national who was on board that plane after questioning him about the tip. >> julie: police are investigating another plane scare. this one in italy after the jet went flying off a runway, injuring 20 people. it all went down in palermo, sicily. the 143 passenger high school to jump down the emergency chute to escape. medics say those hurt just had minor cuts, miraculously, and
5:14 pm
bruises. some were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the accident closed the airport for several hours. the flight originated in rome. >> gregg: iran's president, now back home in tehran after his controversial memorable visit to new york city. ahmadinejab outraged a whole lot of people in america by suggesting that many believe 9-11 was an inside job. president obama has called ahmadinejab's remarks offensive and hateful, but ahmadinejab is defending those remarks, even suggesting that a fact finding panel before him to look into who was behind 9-11. >> julie: before ahmadinejab headed home, he found time to meet with the freed american hiker. she and two others were arrested while hiking. she asked the iranian president to release her fellow hikers, her fiance and their friend.
5:15 pm
take a listen to what she said during an interview on fox's happening now. >> i just wanted to thank president ahmadinejab for this gesture of allowing my mother and i to meet with him and for the mothers of shane and josh to meet with his envoy. it was very gracious gesture and a good meeting. to talk to the president is something i've been waiting for for a long time and prayed for. it's a good feeling for me to tell him my story directly. i'm thankful and hopeful we can release the two. >> julie: you would never think that woman was wrongfully imprisoned for a year after hearing her talk like that. she says she's hopeful that the president will try to advocate for the two men. >> gregg: during his trip to new york city, the iranian president sat down for a one on one interview with fox news. we hit him with pretty tough questions about his nuclear program and his controversial
5:16 pm
remarks about 9-11. you can see that interview tomorrow right here on america's news headquarters at 11:00 o'clock a.m. eastern time. many americans having a lot of trouble making ends meet and now adding insult to injury, an insurance company raising premium rates dramatically. we're going to be talking to one man and wait 'til you hear how much he's going to have to pay now. >> julie: political stunt or expert testimony? house speaker nancy pelosi has some thoughts about steven colbert's comments that may surprise you. >> america's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. now the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. and if you look at the recent obesity statistic, you'll see that many americans have already started.
5:17 pm
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5:20 pm
>> gregg: the latest on the stories making headlines this hour. a party near seton hall university turns terrifying when five people get shot. new jersey police say the shooter was denied access to the private party. he left and returned with a gun, opened fire and ran off.
5:21 pm
police offer ago $10,000 reward for his capture. heavy rain causing a dam to give way, sending a wall of water into a minnesota town. about 900 people forced to leave the town. south of minneapolis. it could be several days before they can return. lindsay lohan out of jail after paying $300,000 in bail. a los angeles judge tossed her in jail for failing her court-ordered drug test, but she's back out within 12 hours and she's due back in court in october. >> julie: division continues between america's president obama health care overhaul. a poll looks at the health care changes in this country and it shows americans are still split. overall, 30% favor the legislation, while 40% are opposed to it and another 30%
5:22 pm
remain neutral. >> gregg: these days when every penny counts, you don't want to receive a notice from your health insurance company saying your premiums are about to go up 25%. that is exactly what happened to our next guest and the company placing blame for the increase squarely on those health care reform provisions that just kicked in this week. joining me is doug golan, he received that higher insurance bill. doug, thank you for being with us. how much? 25%? >> 25%. $140. >> gregg: all right. let's put up on the screen the amount that we're talking about here. you've got a monthly increase from 565 to 705, an annual increase from 6780 to 8460. so when president obama said, as he did in front of a national television audience march 3, in the east room of the white house, and i'll quote, here is
5:23 pm
the quote, my proposal will bring down the cost of health care for millions, families, businesses, the federal government, our cost cutting measures will reduce most people's premiums. do you think you were being deceived by the president? >> gregg, president obama and the legislators in congress, they do not pay for their own health insurance. our taxes do. your taxes, julie's taxes, my taxes pay for their health insurance. they don't have to endure this. my costs are going up $140. >> gregg: the president, as i just pointed out, promised that it wouldn't happen. it has happened to you. >> gregg, here is the letter. >> gregg: tell me what it says there. >> the letter states that effective january 1, ghi, who will start charging me $705. currently i'm paying 565. >> gregg: they cite two reasons, an increase on your type of plan, and secondly, an increase, quote, due to the cost of enhanced benefits required by
5:24 pm
the new federal health care law. >> required by federal law. >> gregg: what do you think of this new health care law? >> i think it's confusing, it's going to confuse a lot of other americans. it's going to be expensive and people will drop out. >> gregg: what are you going to do? >> i'm shopping and since this situation has started, two people have called me offering a me services and starting monday morning, i'm shopping. >> gregg: well, apparently you are not the lone ranger who got one of these letters saying your premium is going to go up 25% or maybe some people 20% or so forth. that prompted governor patterson of new york to send out a bunch of letters to ceo's of insurance companies accusing them of unfairly blaming the president's health care legislation for the rate hikes. and there is governor patterson right there. let me quote from the letter. some notices do not delineate
5:25 pm
how much of a particular rate increase is attributable to the underlying changes in the law. can we put that up? each type of misleading notices have the effect of confusing members and masking the underlying reasons. would more specific information reduce your rate? >> no. >> gregg: the governor is not doing anything for you? >> it's a political hot potato right now, gregg. he's in the middle. >> gregg: and what's especially insidious is you don't even have sort of normal health coverage. right? >> no. i'm very fortunate. i enjoy good health and i only have catastrophic. if i go to the doctor, i have to pay for it. if i go to the hospital, then they pay. but i also live in fear that if something happens to me in the hospital, i then live in fear that the insurance companies won't pay for certain things and i'm inundated with paperwork. >> gregg: doug, good luck to you. thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you very much for having me.
5:26 pm
>> julie: a lot of americans watching right now thinking, wow, i'm paying both. >> gregg: waiting for my letter. >> julie: a school field trip turns into a nightmare. children witnessing a horrific accident. a plane crashing to the ground, plus -- >> your children and future generations are on the bridge of the titanic and everybody is going to drown. >> gregg: it is a dire look at america's public school system from the new documentary causing a big buzz. we're going to talk to one of the people featured in it as well as the producer, what they say needs to be done to stall our public school problems.
5:27 pm
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5:30 pm
>> julie: bottom of the hour, top of the news. president obama blasting the gop's pledge to america, saying america can't afford to relive a disasterous decade. but republicans claiming their
5:31 pm
plan is the best path forward. palestinian president abbas saying there will be no peace deal unless israel stops settlement construction in areas palestinians want for a future state. the ten-month freeze on new israeli settlements set to expire tomorrow. a capsule carrying astronauts touchdown safely. american astronaut among those aboard. the homecoming following a technical glitch that delayed the undocking of the spacecraft. >> gregg: did you see steven colbert's act appearing as a quote, unquote, expert, tongue well in cheek at a house hearing on illegal farm workers. not everybody was terribly pleased with it. but speaker nancy pelosi calling the funny man's appearance quote unquote, appropriate, adding colbert could bring much needed attention to the farm workers plight. here is a snippet. >> america's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and
5:32 pm
vegetables. now, the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. and if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you'll see many americans have already started. this is a america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american, then sliced by guatemalan and served by venezuela in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> gregg: i am sorry. but that's funny stuff. like we said, not everybody was laughing, especially some of the people behind there. i wonder if they could really hear. some republicans even self professed fans of his say his appearance was one big joke at the taxpayers' expense. >> julie: the chairman of the federal reserve admitting the economy still needs help. ben bernanke saying the economy is recovering from the recession more slowly than anticipated and saying the feds' efforts to pump
5:33 pm
up the economy and lower unemployment are falling short. the fed hinted it would take action if the recovery weakens further. one likely step could be buying government debt that could lower mortgage rates and stimulate spending. it's a move that is not without controversy. citigroup is rewarding 25 high ranking executives with big stock bonuses. still partially owned by u.s. taxpayers since being bailed out in 2008. however, the treasury department says it does plan on selling its stake in the bank by the end of the year. >> gregg: there is a new documentary that is catching america's attention. it is focusing squarely on the very tough question, how do we fix what's wrong with our public schools? the movie is called "waiting for superman." is shows the real life lottery that some american kids have to go through simply to get a good education. >> i want to go to school. >> for these kids, their only
5:34 pm
chance at getting into a great school, depends on whether their number is picked in a lottery. >> 18. 10. 12. 2. and the last number. >> gregg: here now is the author of "make the impossible possible." , bill strictly. he's featured in the movie, and lesley is the producer. thank you both for being with us. lesley, let me jump right in. who is to blame for many of our failing public schools? >> i think there are a lot of people to blame. i think that the system, which in the movie is referred to as the blob is one of the things to blame. but i think more important than who is to blame now because we are in a state of crisis is how do we fix it? how we fix it is by culturally
5:35 pm
valuing and respecting and training and rewarding great teachers and great teachers is the solution. >> gregg: there is another solution, bill strickland, you're ceo of a corporation that runs after school programs and it's not just what happens day-to-day inside the classroom, but the after school programs in the community can make a difference. right? >> absolutely. the partnership that we developed really focuses in on value, attention, detail, and we celebrate the ability of these children to learn and we celebrate the ability of the children as children. we think by creating a nurturing environment that focuses in on discipline and the acquisition of real skills, that translates into increased attendance at school, academic performance and eventually entry into college. >> gregg: better grades, better attendance. it's been proving your program accomplished that. lesley, back to you. teachers unions, do they come out looking not so good here and
5:36 pm
tenure, problematic rather than helpful? >> i think we're tough on all of the adults in the film and i think that we're asking very important questions about the unions. i think to ask questions about tenure as you say, and keeping bad teachers and not rewarding good ones, i think they're important questions. but i don't think to ask these questions is to be against the unions. >> gregg: we mentioned it focuses on some children. five children in particular from the bronks, harlem, washington, d.c., east l.a., silicon valley. these are kids who are in not so great schools and it's a lottery for them to try to get into a charter school which would make their lives in many ways for a free private school. but my goodness, it's a long shot. it's like waiting for superman to come into your life magically and save you. right? >> a great education should not come down to odds like playing the lottery. in addition to the lottery and these charters, we have a lottery even in some of our
5:37 pm
really good middle class schools, whether or not you'll get a good teacher. so we chose that as our metaphor because these parents were doing everything they could to get their kids into the one good school in their neighborhood and it's still tough to get in. >> gregg: bill, do we not spend enough per student? is money wasted? is that part of the problem? >> i think part of the problem is we've got to reach beyond traditional education for resources that are in the community. there are many citizens and organizations like mine that are ready to step up and participate in an educational strategy, focused in on at risk kids. many of whom are minority, black and hispanic, 50% dropout rates, but there are remediation strategies, i believe, that dealt with public schools and public school systems in every city in this country, but it needs to be a strategy that is collectively developed between public schools and community-based institutions and i think that's where a lot of
5:38 pm
the progress and opportunity is going to be found. >> gregg: just a moment left. lesley, what do you hope to achieve? >> we hope to start a national conversation around this issue, to come out, get everybody. not just educators, but everybody to talk about this crisis and to believe that it is possible that every kid can get a great education. we know that now. >> gregg: yeah. i'm really looking forward to seeing this and thank you very much for joining us to tell us about it. it's out in theaters now? >> it came out in new york and l.a. yesterday and next week we'll expand to more cities. >> gregg: lesley, a film producer for the documentary. bill strickland, who is in it, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> julie: some state parks now getting a bailout apparently. but this time it's coming in the form of corporate sponsorships. can they stay open and available to the public? peter doocy is live with the story. hi, peter. >> there are 2048 state parks
5:39 pm
visited 27 million times a year. when you add them up, they have a major economic impact on their communities. $20 billion. but because of the recession, they've fallen on hard times and now corporations are stepping up to bail them out. so if you're in georgia, you might see a boy scout project sponsored by verizon, or in new york, you'll find seven playgrounds brought to you by juicy juice. in virginia, hikers will notice their trail maps are aborned with a north face logo. >> parks are fighting to keep open, keep stocked, keep restrooms clean, and these programs and corporations can help to put icing on top. they're not going to pay the bills, but they will help to keep visitor services going and improve programs that really affect people who show up during the day. >> so if your park looks spruced up, you may have a corporation
5:40 pm
to thank. they are reaching a ton of people with very specific advertising. they're reaching 40% of people in the u.s. that's how many visited the state park in the last year. even though they'll be seeing a lot of sponsored stuff in their parks, the names will remain the same. >> our citizens, our users, the people that invest in our parks, the citizens and voters of virginia, they would be offended if we took the state park and made it the coca-cola or the enron state park. we're not about build it to put a name. these are special places that belong to people. >> so if you see a logo on your trail map or park workers t-shirt, you might be offended, but keep in mind that that company's money is making it possible for you to enjoy the great outdoors in a clean and safe setting. back to you. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: an air show taking a
5:41 pm
dramatic twist. we're going to show you what happened after the plane starts falling out of the sky. >> julie: and a union for the unemployed? the new grassroots organization and how it could impact all of us. find out next.
5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
>> gregg: a small plane crashing into the ground during an air show and bursting into flames and the whole thing caught on videotape, happening yesterday in indonesia. look at this. the pilot was the only person on board rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. hundreds of school children happened at the at the air show and witnessed the whole thing. >> julie: marines, sailors and the coast guard swarming san diego for the 9th annual fleet week, giving tens of
5:46 pm
thousands of folks a chance to get a firsthand look at our military's machines and weapons and meet the men and women who defend america. casey stegall is privileged enough to meet these men and women, he is live in san diego with the wrap-up there on a beautiful afternoon. hi there, casey. >> hi. good to see you. you talk about those weapons being used by the u.s. military and we've got all of them around us. that's one of the really neat parts about fleet week is general members of the public can get up close and personal with some of these aircraft and boats, vessels that are used. you're looking live at what's called an elkak. it's basically a giant hover craft that can float on the water and then float ashore and they move pretty fast. over here you have a seahawk helicopter. we showed you the inside of that a little bit earlier. and again, you can see folks just general members of the public are walking through, they're looking in the cockpit, and then if we can, i'm sorry, we'll swing all the way back around. i did this out of order before
5:47 pm
we went live on the air. back there is an f-18 fighter jet. those things can fly at speeds of more than 1,000 miles an hour. again, people can walk right up and see what these are all about. fleet week is two fold. it's not only to honor the men and women, the u.s. marines, the u.s. coast guard and the u.s. navy, but also to say thanks to the public for supporting and also this is about the economy as well. in fact, just fleet week events alone expected to inject $10 million into the local economy. listen. >> there is taxes, the taxes that hotel guests pay. certainly captured in sales taxes which is from restaurants and purchases of souvenirs and those things like that. tourism is when people come into your area, leave money, and then go somewhere else. so it is a tourism area as well.
5:48 pm
>> the economic impact is huge. not just for the tourist attractions, but also when you consider that san diego has the largest military population in all of the country. there are more than 300,000 active duty men and women here contributing some $24 billion to the local economy each year. so this is all about to see what's going on and also to give thanks and to give back, julie. back to you in new york. >> julie: great story. thank you very much. >> gregg: millions of americans out of work for, well, what seems like ages now and the frustrations are mounting as many folks exhaust nearly two years of jobless benefits. what can that frustration be turned into? a political force perhaps? meet the leader of a group of out of work americans aiming to do precisely that.
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>> julie: they are a growing force that wants to be reckoned with. out of work americans, among the millions of the long-term jobless who have exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits and they're calling themselves the american
5:53 pm
99ers union. and they're aiming to be a powerful political force. here now is greg rosen, the co-founder of the american 99ers union. greg, thank you very much for talking to us. how are you pressing policy makers for more aid now that the aid has run out? >> well, we're trying to come at it with the facts and figures. obviously millions of americans are losing their lives and homes. they're dying emotionally, spiritually and literally. but facts and figures are what is going to make a difference. obviously politics is about business. and we're trying to make washington aware of the fact that quite frankly, the america's economic system is based upon the law of supply and demand. you can not take millions of americans out of the equation, not provide them the ability to invest in our country's economy through the purchase of goods and services without seeing the downward spiral we're in right now. >> julie: you want an additional
5:54 pm
20 weeks of unemployment benefits so that everyone understands. but couldn't that spring board toward other issues that affect the unemployed, the underemployed and working class americans in general? >> do i think that it's going to affect having -- have an effect on other issues? absolutely. but they're all going to be for the positive and that's with respect to those that aren't working, those that are working, democrat, republican. it does not matter. it's going to affect all of us. if you put money back in the hands again of millions of americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, allow them again to invest back in the economy, what's going to happen? you're going to see consumer spending go up. in turn, you're going to see consumer confidence rise among those individuals that are working, which means they're going to start spending more. again, based upon the law of supply and demand, what happens when demand starts to put a strain on the suppliers? they have to expand. what does that equal? job creation. >> julie: how politically active do you believe the 15 million
5:55 pm
unemployed should be in this election year? >> i think that they need to get out there and make their voices heard. i have always said that i think one positive has come out of millions of americans losing their jobs through no fault of their own and that is now that we have a new group of people out there who are educated, who are not going to go to the polls and just pull that lever based upon name recognition or based upon party affiliation. we're going to vote for the people that are serving our best interests. they're public servants and they need to serve the public. >> julie: you talk about this additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits, but you also mention that this actually will benefit all of us. how does this benefit all of us? >> again, it allows us to invest back in the economy, which is going to bring up the rate with respect to consumer spending. it's us being able to now have the ability to walk back into a store and purchase goods and services, which millions of us can no longer do any longer. so putting money back in those
5:56 pm
cash registers, again, it puts a strain on the suppliers and when that strain occurs, again, you have to expand to meet that need. the way to do that is by hiring folks and bringing america back to work. >> julie: all right. greg rosen, good luck to you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gregg: food fight washington style. republicans and democrats slamming one another over their plans for the future. we'll try to sort out the mess next. >> julie: that's going to do it for us. i'll see you in an hour on the fox report. have a great weekend, everyone. >> gregg: bye-bye.
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